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two screenshots showing the same text on each screen, and one with an image of
100+ Best Marauders Headcanons images | harry potter universal, harry potter memes, harry potter fantastic beasts
an image of a black and white photo with the words, it's time to change
lol again with the muggle curses, but true.
an image of a person sitting in front of bookshelves
there's a swear word, but the message and sense the pin holds
an old document with writing on it and some type of paper in the bottom right corner
Creepy pasta Boyfriend Scenarios-Done - couple tattoos
the poem is written in english and has an image of a woman's face
an image of a page with words written in white and black on the bottom right hand corner
someone is holding an open book in their left hand with the caption'uh are you sure mconagall? '
the page is full of pictures of people
two texts are shown on the same page
the tweets on twitter are very funny
three people in suits and ties are talking to each other while one person holds a fire extinguisher
two comics with people holding hands and one is talking to the other