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How to keep your eyes healthy.

Give your eyes a break to avoid post-computer pain, strain, and blurriness.

How to be Healthier and Happier at Work

Reduce eye strain and improve posture while at work! Fix has simple tips and tricks that will help reduce the negative impact your desk job has on your health.

Digital Health & Wellness: physical and psychological well-being in ...

Awesome Digital Citizenship Poster to Use in Your Class ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

The Digital Diagnosis [Infographic]

The digital health diagnosis infographic illustrates how the medical industry and the world of personal tech are rapidly converging from MDG Advertising

Digital disabilities — text neck, cellphone elbow — are painful and growing - The Washington Post

‘Text neck’ is becoming an ‘epidemic’ and could wreck your spine. Thanks to the earth's gravitational pull, the average adult can put up to

The use of digital health technologies and social media has transformed the exchange of healthcare data, with mobile apps monitoring everything from blood sugar to medication adherence, and text-based reminders urging smokers not to give into that craving. This infographic also presents data on the role of search engines in healthcare research, how social media creates more engaged and aware patients, and how digital healthcare is affecting today's industry.

What: Healthcare in the digital age (infographic). Healthcare is making its social presence known! Why: everyone is paying attention;

Social Media Impact on Self-Esteem

7 Social media opens the gateway for cyberbullying but it also keeps kids from developing independent self-esteem because they are always getting input from outside sources. I think this aspect of social media makes all other negatives more serious.

This is a generic internet safety graphic. It applies to anyone in middle school or older.

Online Safety: This a wonderful resource for teachers to use to teach students about the importance of being careful and safe online. This website is a generic internet safety graphic.

Cyberbullying entendamos que tan grabe puede ser la situación.

Cyberbullying infographic in Spanish. Potential translation activity for a Spanish class.