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Rhodesian Leaders - Window on Rhodesia

Leaders of Rhodesia from 1890 The Founder The Rt. Hon. Cecil John Rhodes P.C. D.C.L. Prime Minister of Cape Colony ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Cecil John Rhodes 1853 – 1902 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . First Rhodesian Council 1899 . … Read More

My book Monkey's Wedding is set in Zimbabwe when it was Southern Rhodesia, takes place near Gwelo. Zimbabwe Flag, Zimbabwe Africa, Viewing Wildlife, Victoria Falls, Thinking Day, My Roots, African Countries, Africa Travel, Tanzania

Zimbabwe. Lived here when it was Rhodesia in Gwelo, Bulawayo, Salisbury, Que Que, Eifel Flats, Rafingora and Thornhill.

Rhodesia, The old Rhodesian flag is long gone, but two traces of it remain: The soapstone bird from the coat of arms is still on Zimbabwe’s current flag, and the Zimbabwean national rugby. African States, African Countries, Outdoor Flags, Flags Of The World, Declaration Of Independence, National Flag, National Symbols, Zimbabwe, Coat Of Arms

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For those too young to not know, this was the Rhodesian Flag, the "Green and White", the only British Colony to have declared UDI (Unilateral Declaration of Independence) from the British Empire, 11 November 1965 . At the time I was two months old. Rhodesia then became isolated from the rest of the world, although the country prospered under self governance, at the time it was known as the "Bread Basket of Africa" for its advanced Agricultural capacity to export to neighboring countries.

Jamie Kelso: The Lesson of Rhodesia : Voice of Reason Broadcast Network History Net, History Facts, A Day To Remember, African History, Its A Wonderful Life, Childhood Memories, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Growing Up

Jamie Kelso: The Lesson of Rhodesia : Voice of Reason Broadcast Network

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Ice cream vendors coming down our street in Masvingo, Zimbabwe! (Or Fort Victoria, Rhodesia. Zimbabwe History, Zimbabwe Africa, Durban South Africa, Moving To The Uk, Lest We Forget, All Nature, African Safari, Childhood Memories, Growing Up

Dairyboard vs Lionsmade! Only if you've eaten their icecreams will you understand the dilemma in choosing where to spend your pocket money!

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