Festivals With Kids

Collection by Wild childlings


I absolutely love taking my kiddo to festivals. He's been to many already and here is where I'm sharing our experiences along with our photos =)

wild childlings
💖🦄✨ This is Finleys wagon we made him ✨🦄💖

Room with a view .. and matching outfits 🤗🕉🌻🐙🌴🐥🌵

photo credit to the one and only @flynnvandijk wish you could stay with us forever. Love you ✨

🌴✨Ice cube in the desert and one curious looking, dusty little boy✨🌴 So grateful for the connections we have made during our desert stay. We met the most incredible people and are fortunate enough to still be in contact with a few of them 💖✌😍🌵🍉 Photo by @_liam_charlton_ , one of the special people we met there. Thank you for this great capture of Finley

Fin in our self-made wagon

you won't believe what happened to us last night 😭😭😭😭 after a long and emotional good bye we arrived at the airport for check in. We are showing our passport and the additional documents you need for traveling with a minor (basically the birth certificate or a translation which we always carry with us on flights anyways). All of a sudden the young dude checking us in frowns and calls his superior without telling us what's going on. ......

Fin is always mistaken for a girl. Sometimes i correct it somtimes i dont. So far he hasnt expressed that he doesnt like it or that he wants to change his appearance so it's all good as it is.  I am convinced that dressing him the way I do (or he does himself) takes nothing away from his boyhood. No it even adds to it! Why is it that I walk into H&M (add any major brand here) and the girls side is all colourful, imaginative, diverse and the boys side is always plain, boring and "cool". ....

Fin was missing for about one minute on the dance floor and I immediately started to panic. I was just thinking "how am I gonna shut this party down. I need to shut this party down." It was really horrible but luckily I found him soon after or rather he was returned to me by a friendly stranger :  Me : oh my gosh babe I got such a fright. Where were you? Fin : people were saying hi to me. Me : but lovie you need to stay with me. You can't just run off. Fin : but I was with you in my mind. 💖

We started taking Fin to festivals when he was 6 months old. His first festival was Waldfrieden - a German psytrance festival. After that we went to many more festivals .. mostly trance in Germany, Netherlands, England and South Africa.  When i got pregnant i was so worried that somehow i was going to loose myself or that i won't be able to be the person who i was anymore. All i ever heard was 'motherhood changes you' and that freaked me out so much. ..........

I have always ... Well no let's say as much as possible encouraged Fin to go to bed when he's tired and not when it's considered "bed time". We don't have a set bed time. Sometimes it's 7 sometimes 12.  Last night he stayed up with me watching movies until basically midnight and stayed asleep until almost lunch time today. For us this non-routine works really well as I find it fits neatly into my own ever changing rhythm of life as well. In summer for example I need less sleep than in winter…