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I googled "meaningful quote" but didn't find anything. So I had to come up with my own. "Awakening spring water soothes the soul of those who are wandering. Not lost. Deep in the mountains. Ceders as tall as the sky. Love seeps through me. And i smile." 😉 Haha yip actually quite easy. Took me a total of 30 seconds to come up with this glorious poem. ♧ But jokes aside. We really did have a magical weekend. And everything I said in the poem is kinda true. I'm in absolute awe of that place ○

• We have arrived in sunny Namibia, have climbed dunes, saw dolphins & flamingos & pelicans in the wild and broke down with the VW kombi (luckily in an actual oasis) 😂💖🤙🏽🌴 • Fin : Oscar and I are vegans. So we don't eat fish, and no crocodiles and no seals and no sharks 👑 (Oscar is his soft toy dog) 😂 • i am going to start my internship here on Wednesday. Designing and making costumes for a play 🤹‍♀️ yay 🌈 • ♡○♡○♡○♡○♡○♡○♡○♡

I thought this would be a fun list to make and share 😂🙈 Bucketlist of things that I have done already without ever having a Bucketlist :: -Live in another country -Travel to 35+ countries -Get a tattoo -Volunteer -Start a family -See whales in the wild -Sing karaoke -Grow a vegetable garden -Plant a tree -Read 50 books (more like approaching roundabout 400 I'd say haha.) -Go on safari (4 times) -Donate blood -Go skydiving -Go paragliding -Learn another language -Start a business ..........

After 30 ⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷ (let's say from when I turn 30 until 40) - Start food truck business to sell food at Festis - Buy a big trampoline, put lots of glitter on it, jump! - Make an email for wild.childlings - Backpack Asia with Fin - Build a tiny house on wheels (start saving for a down payment for building a tiny house) - Start burlesque lessons - Have another baby - Go on a girls only trip - Make a piece of furniture (pallets or other) - Have a studio space where creative juices can flow