My most searched recipe and most requested by friends and family! South Africa... Crunchies were my favorite “biscuit”—the South African term for cookie

Crunchies - Traditional South African Oatmeal Cookie Bars

Tanzanian Chapati - How we made them. LOVE Love love

Make East African Chapati

How to Make East African Chapati. Here is a simple recipe showing how to make chapati the way it is made in most of East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi). Pour the flour in a big enough bowl.

Narayal wari Matoke - Matoke in Spicy Coconut Sauces

Narayal wari Matoke - Matoke in Spicy Coconut Sauces (Matoke/green bananas from Africa - substitute plantains or green bananas)

Ugandan Peanut Sauce with Chickpeas and Greens- I served it with both mashed sweet potatoes and a rice blend. Delicious and easy to make. Would work well with kale or collard greens too.

G-Nut Sauce (Ugandan Peanut Sauce with Chickpeas)




"Chakalaka" : It is the most loved salad type sauce of South African. In South Africa if you will take dishes like fish, braais, meat, .