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a black and white photo with a flower on it
Under construction - MyFiladelfia Theology Courses in Skills Development in Biblical Counselling and more.
an advertisement for tyd with a clock on the front and words in black ink
Tyd is gratis, maar dit is prysloos. Jy kan dit nie besit nie, maar jy kan dit gebruik. Jy kan dit nie hou nie, maar jy kan dit spandeer. As jy dit verloor het, kan jy dit nooit weer terugkry nie.
the words are written in red and green grass
an image of a poster with the words'j kryk yy kry en jeky mak ne you mond duk nie
four flash cards with the words rain, rainbow and cloud
My World Flash Cards
Our "My World Flash Cards" are a great learning tool for your children to learn all about the different elements and features of our wonderful world, all with bright coloured images. There are 16 cards in this set.
an image of a game with words and pictures for children to play in the house
a poster with words and pictures on it
Sinsontleding: Onderwerp
a black and white page with the words negative in german, which are written on it
a poster with an image of a boy wearing a crown
My Afrikaanse Avontuur
Lettergrepe, Tuisskool, My Afrikaanse Avontuur Klassieke Onderrig