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Beach Wedding dress
HAHA this is perfect for me.. I'm always saying "i miss your face!!" lol
If you ever need a slightly distracted, unsympathetic friend, I'm here for you.
Funny Friendship Ecard: I just knew we'd be friends forever from the moment I discovered that you also have no filter for your bitchy and sarcastic thoughts.
T-Shirt for the Pun-Loving Dad, Silhouette Promotion
It's too bad that, even at our age, we're not mature enough to meet for 'A' drink because it will somehow turn into 7 drinks, 5 shots,%2.
Funny Breakup Ecard: I wouldn't hate you, But the fact that your breathing bothers me. Alot.
Steven Humour: Funny Ecards - 25 Pics
I'm hysterical and brilliant, but not a size 2. God had to be fair.