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a glass filled with lots of different colored straws
How to Make a Tub of Edible Wriggly Worms: 9 Steps (with Pictures)
Pour jello into straws to make worms...think of all the disgusting stuff you can do with jello worms.
a person is holding some bracelets in their hand while wearing a blue and white dress
Science and Fashion for Kids: Totally Tubular Glitter Bracelets
a plastic bottle with rocks in it sitting on a table
10 Great Diy ideas to Fast Uprade your Garden 2 - Diy Crafts You & Home Design
How to Make Fairy Houses | Make a Stone Fairy House
this diy balloon bowl is so easy to make and it's super fun
29+ Fun & Creative Crafts For Kids!
Balloon Bowls!! Easier than it looks. -- 29 creative crafts for kids that adults will actually enjoy doing, too!
an iphone screen showing how to make paper rainbows with construction paper and colored strips
3D Paper Rainbow Kids Craft
3D Paper Rainbow Kids Craft - Crafty Morning
paper plate crafts for kids to make
Paper Plate Crown
Paper plate crown craft
yellow letters spelling out the word pool scrabble throw the sponges in the pool and have the kids swim around, collect letters, then see who can make the
Swimming Pool Scrabble
Pool Scrabble! Throw the sponges in the pool and have the kids swim around, collect letters, then see who can make the longest word with their letters!
a bunch of balls that are in a cage on the grass near a table and chair
32 Of The Best DIY Backyard Games
What a fun idea! Your very own "kerplunk" board game brought to life. Let little ones pull out the sticks while trying NOT to make the balls fall. Make it into a math game by counting how many balls fall each turn.
a wooden sign that says, all because two people fell in love
Kids (and You!) Create: A Father’s Day Treasure
Parents and kids wall art
someone is washing their hands in the bathroom sink
25 Super Smart Tips for Life - The Crafty Blog Stalker
Definitely goig to do this for the kids
two young children are hanging from the back of a book
9 Free DIY Photo Bookmarks Tutorials - Makers Nook
DIY photo bookmark craft. The perfect gift for readers. Add some hearts and make it a Valentines card/bookmark
a chocolate tray filled with lots of different colored candies on top of a table
Party Favors: Dinosaur Crayons
Dinosaur crayons, Place broken crayons in muffin pan bake at 350 degrees for about 10- 15 minutes, pull let cool and flip pan to remove.
someone pouring something into a container with some food in it and the words diy kinetic sand
How To Make Kinetic Sand (DIY)
DIY Kinetic Sand! Your kids will play with it for hours.
three pictures with lipstick on them, one is being framed and the other is hanging
DIY: lip print wall art
multiple images of different bowls and plates with hands reaching for them
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
How clever and fun!?