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a can of coffee with oranges on it
Is This Coffee Drink Here to Replace Your Cold Brew?
Keepers is a mix between coffee, soda, and citrus that's unexpectedly refreshing—and we can't stop drinking it.
the logo for an art studio with colorful letters and numbers on it's sides
Los Totora™. Cumbia POP Branding.
Los Totora™. Cumbia POP Branding. on Behance
an advertisement for a film festival with different colors and shapes
Cine a la Vista, visual identity by Leo Franchi | Identity Designed
Cine a la Vista, visual identity by Leo Franchi | Identity Designed
a black and white speech bubble with the words kon spat on it
logotype. konspiration / repinned on Toby Designs
the one last thing logo with a microphone on it and an inscription that reads,'one
Free Logo Ideas & Design Templates -
Logo Ideas - 51,346 creative logo template ideas you can use
the letter j is made up of pink and white letters on a light pink background
Podcast Logo Design for Latina Listening - by Esther Knox Creative
I absolutely loved creating this podcast logo and cover art design for Ariana and Latina Listening! The bold type and feminine elements give this brand design the fun we were going for. Great podcast cover art inspiration for podcasts for women!
a man's head with two different colored circles on it, and the silhouette of a person standing in front of him
Illustrator Daniel Stolle
Inner Voice by Daniel Stolle
a poster with the words use your voice on it's face and tongue sticking out
Creatives: can you inspire young people to vote?
Illustration agency Jelly and #TurnUp are asking UK artists and designers to take part in a campaign encouraging young people to vote
Daily UI #015 - On/Off Switch
Daily UI #015 - On/Off Switch
two black buttons with the words on and off
Premium Vector | On and off icon switch button
the logo for peko ako is shown in black and green on a beige background
Logofolio // Hospitality & Entertainment