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The Silent Director isn't quite so silent when it comes to his business. Talking about what he is actually doing to make his business grow, the Silent Director is a great guide for any business looking to keep moving

Stream Is the DA soft on prosecuting Local Government Officials who have stolen money and assets? by Contemporary Business hosted by Dr Ivor Blumenthal from desktop or your mobile device

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ANC birthday cake spelling blunder: An image taken by The Citizen appears to show the ANC's birthday cake with an incorrect spelling of the word "anniversary”.

Photo: South Africa's President Jacob Zuma answers questions in parliament in Cape Town August REUTERS/Mike Hutchings

Ah sweet Netflix... The weakness of every teenager...including me. Netflix is Gods gift giving me access to Friends, Family Guy, That Show, and my Asian dramas :) Netflix does give me happiness but it can also be my enemy when I need to be productive...

Tax the rich in South Africa: economist: As much as of total income in South Africa goes towards the top of earners, making it among the most unequal countries in the world.