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chocolate words

KETCHUP BOTTLE IS GENIUS did this for a baby shower today. Just one letter not words. Froze them but in a few minutes they do start to get hard to pull off without breaking. I made double what I needed and I was glad i did.

Reese’s Cheesecakes – miniature cheesecakes with a Reese’s in the bottom of your muffin tin

Reeses Bottom Cheesecake Cupcakes 1 Box of JELLO instant NO-Bake Cheesecake Mix Reeses Peanut Butter Cups (one per each Cheesecake) 1 Cup of Mini Chocolate Chips.for sprinkling on top.

Baileys Cupcakes with Baileys buttercream

Baileys Cupcakes with Baileys butter cream: hmm.since i am obsessed with cake-pops, i wondered how these would be on sticks ;

Boston Cream Cupcakes

McDonald Beaupre Anne - isn't dad a big Boston Cream Pie fan? These may be kinda fun for bday or father's day treat. Boston Cream Cupcakes: Boston cream pie meets the Hostess cupcake in this delectable sweet.

Cactus Cupcakes

Alana Jones-Mann’s DIY: House Plant Cupcakes (photo) were the first to prick our interest when we saw them last week, so we went on a quest for more cactus cupcake photos. (Alana, by the way, is unsurpassed in capturing the […]

Glow in the dark cupcakes

How to Make Glow in the Dark Cupcakes. Want to make glow in the dark cupcakes? Want to save that money from buying that expensive glow in the dark frosting? This article will show you how to make glow in the dark cupcakes.