Issue 6 pg13

Issue Page PAGE 100 of Ghosts of the Future! GOTF issue 6 page 13

GOTF-issue 6 page 11

Issue Page CONTINUE? Mostly, because I didn't have to use that orange lighting from below, whic. GOTF issue 6 page 11

Issue 6 pg16

Issue Page Bleh. GOTF issue 6 page 16

GOTF-issue 6 page 4

Issue Page Well, this took longer than it should have! Just so you know, "bummer majores" is pronouced "bummer may-hore-es". GOTF issue 6 page 4

GOTF-issue 6 page 10

Issue Page 10 double digits! Actually, drawing Sonic screaming in agony is one of my specialties. GOTF issue 6 page 10

Issue 6 pg9

Issue page Sorry this took so long. Sonic runs, whilst Silver has a little mental b. GOTF Issue 6 page 9

Issue 6 pg24

Issue Page FINAL PAGE! The pyro-kitty shall destroy you with the power of the Looney Tunes titles background, Silver! GOTF issue 6 page 24

Issue 6 pg22

Issue Page Aaand we're back. I'm so happy to get to draw Shadow again, in all his snoring glory. GOTF issue 6 page 22

Issue 6 pg2

Issue Page Again with the text-heavy expository part of the story. Sonic and the Secret Rings sho. GOTF issue 6 Page 2

Issue 6 pg18

Issue Page 18 Draaaammmaaa. Now, If only we actually knew the characters, so it had emotional impact! GOTF Issue Page 18

Issue6 pg17

Issue6 pg17

Issue 6 pg14

Issue 6 pg14

Issue 6 pg12

Issue Page Don't steal Rouge's toys. For you art monkeys-- one new thing I tried on this page was temperature changes in the shadows. GOTF issue 6 page 12

Issue 6 pg21

Issue 6 pg21

GOTF issue 6 page 19 by on @DeviantArt

Issue Page The writing sucks, I know. Just bear with me 'till the issue is over. GOTF issue 6 page 19