Issue 4 pg6

Issue Page That is NOT Elise. GOTF issue 4 page 06

Issue 4 pg4

Issue Page I have no idea what those Arabic words are that I drew, but they do look cool. Woop dee doo, fun with magical books. GOTF issue 4 page 04

Issue 4 pg20

Issue Page At last, the final page of the issue! but Sonic is definitely not "happy yet sad" (yet). GOTF issue 4 page 20

Issue 4 pg19

Issue page One. The reason I feel I can get away putting in such a convenient scene transit. GOTF issue 4 page 19

Issue 4 pg18

Issue page Two. And this is some of the reasons this issue is called "Old Flames". GOTF issue 4 page 18

Issue 4 pg17

Issue Page Boot to the HEAD! Check out Sonic in all his blue hedgehoggy glory! GOTF issue 4 page 17

Issue 4 pg16

Issue page Did I mention I don't like doing sound effects? It's kind of a problem, seeing as this is an action comic. Oh, snap, I lov. GOTF issue 4 page 16

Issue 4 pg11

issue page Pink Shahra-y goodness! GOTF issue 4 page 11

Issue 4 pg10

Issue page So, Silver has Shara's Ring in this story, mostly to take a little of the spotlight off of Sonic. GOTF issue 4 page 10

Issue 4 pg9

Issue Page I thought I wouldn't have time to update, but I lied. Ghosts of the Future, now in Technicolor! GOTF issue 4 page 09

Issue 4 pg8

Issue page I was bored,and decided to do some color because this is an important page, but then I got tired, and my parents are bothering me to go. GOTF issue 4 page 08

Issue 4 pg7

issue page Sonic is alive! GOTF issue 4 page 07

Issue 4 pg5

Issue Page The Zone they're in is called Lost Prologue, for all you poor peoples who didn't play Sonic and the Secret Rings. GOTF issue 4 page 05

Issue 4 pg2

issue page I'm a homeschooler myself, so that's the reason I decided to make Silver and Blaze that too. GOTF issue 4 page 02