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Want to get top dollar when you sell your car? Dealers know that spiffing up the interior of a used car is the best way to command a higher price. Whether you're planning to sell your vehicle or just want to freshen up your daily driver, we'll show you how to slap the shabby off your vehicle's interior. It's neither hard nor expensive, and you'll be amazed at just how new your car's interior will look.

New low pricing for many size of our unit. Look no further Armored Mini Storage is the place when you’re out of space! Call today or stop by for a tour of our facility! Indoor Parking Available! Ideal for Classic Cars, Motorcycles, ATV’s & Jet Skies

DIY Oil and Vinegar Furniture Scratch Removal Trick: 1 part distilled vinegar 1 part canola or olive oil IT WORKS AMAZINGLY WELL!!!

We have an old recipe our grandma used to remove scratches and polish real wood furniture. Check out our DIY Oil and Vinegar furniture scratch remover! vinegar to 2 parts oil.  The wife will love this when I make it myself. This will be fun to make. Great project.  Why spend money you dont have to  Getting   wood projects  .

Mosquitoes and flies can materialize in even the most spotless kitchens. Here's the DIY mosquito and flies trap you can make!

trying this today.... fingers crossed it works! Natural Ant Killer

Natural Ant Killer composed of baking soda, powdered sugar and water. They won't be able to tell the difference from the food and killer.

Getting rid of ant colonies. Going to keep this for next year, because there seems to be a TON of ants here, as well.

Safe Ant Treatment 3 parts sugar 2 parts borax Enough water to loosen solution Caution wear gloves! Combine the sugar, borax, and water and pour into an old pop can (this can will keep animals & kids from harm.

Net Making Diagrams.. ANOTHER GREAT BOARD

Net Making Diagrams.. ANOTHER GREAT BOARD

common spiders found in the us

USA common spider identification chart - we've got widows & wolf spiders. Widows are beautiful spiders

Rid/deter certain bugs safely w/o chemicals

ways to get rid of hiccups: the tricks that work! The best parts of spring - the warmer weather, the blooming gardens, the outdoor activities - dont only attract us, they attract unwanted neighbors.

HOW-TO: The Secret to Finishing Wood as Smooth as Glass

HOW-TO: The Secret to Finishing Wood as Smooth as Glass