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the instructions for how to draw a cartoon character's hand and foot in different positions
Hold on, let me write this down.
an abstract photo of multiple planes flying in the sky and over land, with many different colors on them
18 Geeks Who Are Having Way Too Much Fun with Statues
people...amaze me sometimes! Haha
a coloring book with an image of a man and woman
Page 7 – The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Step up your game Olive Garden
people are standing in a field with a kite flying over them and the words, i was at a horse race and some kid lost his balloon
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Be free Stanley <--- Wat.
multiple images of boats in different stages of being taken from the same image as they are floating on water
This wins on every level.
several different pictures of people in suits and ties, with the caption's above them
Photoshop done right - FunSubstance
Photoshop done right. Some of these look legit, too.