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a bottle of beer sitting on top of a white table next to a black and yellow label
Beer mxm
a bottle of beer that is sitting on a table with the label lax written on it
Around the World Beer Flight
Around the World Beer Flight packaging designed by Solarium Creative.
an open box with a sandwich in it and instructions for how to fold the lid
Sandwich Package Concept by David Asher Wilson. the can becomes a handle allowing you to eat and drink one-handed.
three soaps are in a box with trees and mountains on the top, one is green
an open jar of pickled onions on a white background
two black and white bags with writing on them, one has an apple in the middle
Yo-ho-ho Juice
Yo-ho-ho Juice - Elena Kaimanova
three medicine bottles sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to another bottle with labels
two packages of soap sitting on top of each other
Soap packaging
a yellow wrapped gift with a tag attached to it
Easter present