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an open book with numbers and times on the pages in black, white and grey
J.G.Schelter & Giesecke Leipzig typography book
the number five is hanging on the wall
Hiromura Design Office — Tokyo, Japan
Hiromura Signage
a black and white photo of a sign on the wall
MEN by hira1O, via Flickr
a black and white photo of a number eight sign on a wall with the letter 8 below it
wooden signs on the side of a building that are pointing to different locations in each direction
an orange object with a quote on the front and bottom part that says, i am not sure what this is
wayfinding | Signage
a toilet paper dispenser hanging from the side of a brick building
Super Great
stating the obvious, toilet signs
a hallway with red walls and letters on the wall
Environmental Design
Environmental Design by Matthew Barrett, via Behance
the steps have yellow numbers on them to indicate where they are going up or down
graphics & bikes
the number three is displayed on an orange wall
rows of black seats with numbers on them
#environmental #design #interior #interiordesign #typography #architecture
a man standing in front of a wall with numbers on it
Design and creative direction projects's archive Barcelona – Clase Bcn
Alta Diagonal building signage designed for Deka Inmobilien by Clase BCN. #Branding #Design #Signage
a woman standing next to a white wall with black writing on it and an orange chair
Lamosca — Barcelona, Spain
IdN™ Creators® — Lamosca (Barcelona, Spain)
an empty room with wooden walls and glass railings on the floor, in front of a large sign that reads numbers
Alta Diagonal building signage designed for Deka Inmobilien by Clase BCN. #Branding #Design #Signage