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His Arrival by AVA-1966 on DeviantArt

Old Slenderman repost. Slenderman (C) Victor Surge Art (C) Kyra Louise All Rights Reserved Nightmare (REPOST)

The Rake looks like he's contemplating life right now, making choices. Important choices.

I've always been a fan of the "pathetic monster" character (such as Lon Cheney's Phantom), and I feel the Rake belongs in that category. Rake thinking

The Rake

Day Three: which Creepypasta Scared you the most?: The rake is what scared me the most. When I saw his face, I shouted in Swedish "omg" luckily nobody was home. He just scared me, the way his story was told.

The Rake 'Old Book Page' by DerseDragon on DeviantArt

Gonna draw more creepy creepypasta to even out all the past cute cp deviations from before.

Aleksey Vaganov - Peculiar children

It was a ugly dress had nothing else to wear , I was out nature walking exploring. I didn't know once again we was at one of the placed owned by Phil n Si. All these kids jumped out the weeds tall grass threatening m