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Process Model Canvas - The Next Step

Process Model Canvas - The Next Step #ThoughtLeadership Empathic negotiation canvas - Google Search

The Empathic Negotiation Canvas enables you to prepare your next negotiation, develop your arguments and motivation, and guides you to your closing deal.

Lean Change Canvas (full v.0.3)

— Lean Change Canvas combines Lean with Kotter's 8 steps for change. It's a tool to deliver change fast and effectively.

Product Vision Board ::Without a shared vision and strategy, people are likely to pull in different directions, and the chances of creating a great product are rather slim. While vision and strategy are key, describing them can be challenging.

The Vision Board describes the vision, the target group, the needs to be met, the key product features, and the desired business benefits. It's designed to work in a Lean Startup and in a Scrum context.