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Brett Grant

Focused, dedicated and want to succeed in life..:)
Brett Grant
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This is impressive. Especially to those of us that have heart surgery <3

This piece started with an anatomically correct human heart made from polymer clay - the base. With all of the components of a real human heart, it has . Stitched Together

Awesome tattoo idea!

Are you a die-hard True Blood fan who has been flirting with the idea of immortalizing your love for all things undead in ink?

eye tattoos - Google Search

Definitely one of my fave artists! So much amazing detail went into this cool clocked eye. Tattoo by Oscar Akermo so crazy! Posting just for pure admiration at the art.

the bleeding heart by on @deviantART

this actually the first piece that i have managed to finished in a very long time!pencile on white drawing paper. the bleeding heart

La theorie du Chaos! Que serai je sans! Chaque action a ses conséquences parfois sur plusieurs années. En écrivant a l instant peut être les conséquences se feront ressentir dans la minute qui suit, le mois, l année, la décennie ou a la fin de ma vie. Permet de mieux comprendre relativiser les épreuves difficiles. Donne du sens au vécu passe et a venir.

"LOST TIME IS NEVER FOUND" ~ Both of my parents died in their I've spent enough of my life in stressful situations. I will be 60 this year, so I just want to spend the rest of my life laughing much as possible.