Dear South Africa... a letter from Thandi Gamedze

For the second Dear South Africa post my friend Thandi Gamedze who is an excellent poet ad wordsmith wrote this poem calling South Africa to better things

Poem: Will i see you?

i love writing poetry but i don't make enough time for it. Yesterday i wrote a long belaboured poem about race in South Africa and today this one just flowed from a simple status.

Poem: Less Miserable in 2018

i wrote a poem loosely based on the words of the chorus from Les Miserables as South Africa continues to wrestle with unity and togetherness and chasing the Rainbow Nation

A Frikkin Hashtag: #ThisPoemDontRhyme

A few times a year, my delightful friend Megan hosts Shakespeare reading parties in her backyard. She took up the mantle from mutual friends who moved away.

Poem: There is no "I" in death

i wrote a poem on death and racism and south africa and the lack of people who admitted they were a part of the apartheid system or benefited from it at all

Poem: pushing back

There's a dark rapping at your door, that demands entry. Dare you open it? Find out what's on the other side in this short Horror tale, because THEY ARE KNOCKING AT MY DOOR.

Poem: The Block

Combating Writer’s Block Advice by Genre Thriller Writers When writer’s block strikes kill someone or blow something up. Crime Writers When writer’s block strikes describe the main character getting.

A new poem about some things South African

A Poem: as i stand - Brett Fish