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Doing Life Better

Collection by Brett Anderson • Last updated 6 weeks ago

Brett Anderson
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Put your money where my mouth is? : Brett Fish invites you to Patreon

Would you pay money to support the people who create the content that inspires and challenges you? Patreon is one space you can do this!

Cancel Culture vs Consequences The Power Of Vulnerability, Vulnerability Quotes, Charlie Lee, Real Estate Coaching, Zero Days, Losing Friends, Photo Series, Personality Disorder, Foster Care

Cancel Culture vs Consequences : Brett Fish looks a little closer

We have seen a lot about Cancel Culture recently and i think that a narrative including the idea of Consequences might be helpful here

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A World COVIDed and the stories that might help us make it through. : Brett Fish

Nicola Date's story of having survived Covid-19 twice blew up all over the internet and so i decided to share more about a World Covided

Criticism vs Critique and why we absolutely HAVE to ask the questions. Positive Motivation, Positive Vibes, Role Player, Religion And Politics, English Dictionaries, When Someone, Work Hard, South Africa, Things To Think About

Criticism vs Critique and why we absolutely HAVE to ask the questions.

Critique feels like another of those words that many people don't quite understand, confusing it with Criticism a lot of the time, which it can be in part.

Importance of Reading to Your Children Child And Child, Child Life, Second Child, Dinosaur Books For Kids, Improve Reading Skills, Sounding Out Words, Importance Of Reading, Good Readers, Great Books To Read

40 Tips for Parents: Parts 16-20 : Brett Fish shares more Parenting Tips

The next five parenting tips as we march towards 40 tips to help parents to be better parents to their children as we share ideas together

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) is today launching a call for law reform regarding the use of physical punishment to discipline children. Noting the harms of smacking children, it’s… Let Them Talk, Let It Be, Special Needs Kids, Your Child, Discipline Children, Product Launch, Law, How To Make, Parents

Spank you very much: Hitting your kids and stuff : Brett Fish

Is spanking a good idea? How many of us have held on to a 'spare the rod and spoil the child' mentality without giving it some honest critique.

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On being Different and why that should be okay : Brett Fish

i have been doing a lot of self-reflection of late and one of the areas that i have been thinking a lot about lately is being different

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Are you listening? : Brett Fish invites you to get more Active

Listening well feels like something we all naturally do, right? But i would suggest that if we have never learned how, we might need some work

Belated Word/Phrase for the Year 2021 Human Rights Day, The New Normal, Curiosity, Cool Words, Inspirational, Fish, Pisces

Belated Word/Phrase for the Year 2021 : Brett Fish chooses Curiosity

This year's somewhat belated Word for the Year is Curiosity and i am hoping it will help move me away from making judgements of others.

Are you searching for images for good morning motivation?Browse around this site for cool good morning motivation ideas. These unique images will you laugh. Morning Texts For Him, Good Morning Quotes For Him, Feel Good Quotes, Good Morning Funny, Morning Humor, Motivational Quotes For Success, Positive Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Love Pictures For Him

What i am Reading: The Art of Possibility : Brett Fish

One of the books i just finished was the incredible The Art of Possibility by Benjamin Zander & Rosamund Stone Zander & here are some thoughts

Seeking character in a broken fridge magnet The One You Feed, Think Of Me, How To Make Fire, How To Get Away, Angry Look, Integrity Quotes, Small Moments, Magnets, Fish

Seeking character in a broken fridge magnet : Brett Fish

What does it mean to have character and integrity? And is it possible to lose it and find it in the same little moment?

What Women's Month means to me [a man!] Flirting Tips For Girls, Dating Advice For Men, Flirting Quotes For Him, Flirting Memes, Dating Memes, Womens Month, Chill Songs, Harvey Weinstein

What Women's Month means to me [a man!] : Brett Fish

As we finish the first week of Women's Month in South Africa i thought it was important for me as a man to say a few words to my fellow men

Homepocalypse review Tiny Potato, Canned Artichoke Hearts, Tomato Season, Nicoise Salad, Pickling Jalapenos, How To Make Sandwich, Corn Chips, Sugar Snap Peas, Crowns

Homepocalypse review : Brett Fish says "Stay at Home!"

We are om about day 90 something of the Homepocalypse and it felt like a good time to remind people why we are here and to share some hope and warnings!

This is a famous optical illusion. Before we go any further, what do you see? You might see a duck. You might see a rabbit. (If you only saw one, look for the other.) Your brain decides what to see, and then once it fixes on it, … What Do You See? Duck Or Rabbit, Perspective Taking, Cool Optical Illusions, Before We Go, Good Day Song, What Do You See, Funny Images, Funny Pictures, Stranger Things

The Both/And vs the Either/Or Philosophy : Brett Fish

I have found that too often on social media we tend to try to divide things into Either/Or when we should be looking at them as a Both/And.

Parenting a child with special needs is not a spectator sport, but all too often it feels that way. Missing Child, Eroge, Classroom Community, Difficult People, Special Needs, Light And Shadow, When Someone, Helping Others, Helping People

40 Tips for Men: Tip 26-30 : Brett Fish adds five more tips

Tips 26 to 30 inour growing list of #40TipsForMen in which we look at some of the ways that men can look to be and do better

Join this helpful group for peer support News South Africa, Birthday Posts, Indian People, Charity, Social, Trust, Top, Advice, Rainbow

#ImStaying but i am committing to doing the work... : Brett Fish

A group has started on FB as a conversations space for people to hang out who are positive about South Africa but committed to the work needing to be done