Brett Holdsworth

Brett Holdsworth

Brett Holdsworth
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Make the most out of outdoor parties with @kennethwingard's DIY entertainment table!

DIY outdoor table and beverage cooler from the Hallmark Chanel M: with UMBRELLA stand? I think a painted PVC pipe with cap for when not in use (or allow to drain out hole at bottom)

DIY Outdoor Murphy Bar

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This foldable picnic table is perfect for a limited outdoor space! See more amazing outdoor furniture by heading over to our site :)

Space is a constraint for many homeowners worldwide. Whether it is kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, saving space may become important at times. Thankfully, we have the folding furniture designs for sa…

That's a clever use of space when not in use- Stackable Patio furniture!

This set of chairs and small table are curved and smooth in their design. The way they fit together into a small space saving egg design gives it a soft, calm look to any outdoor or indoor living area