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two rocks sitting on top of a sandy beach
Alain Bernegger
Alain Bernegger
a woman leaning against a blue wall with her hands on the back of her head
This picture is very cool because of how the artist manipulated the subject by making parts of her the same color as the wall behind her. This would be something I would like to learn how to do.
a woman sitting in the grass holding a snake around her neck
Cool Pic wow hold a mirror in front of u and it makes u look like I have no middle
there are pictures of people in the desert with animals on them and one man is riding an animal
Image Nation: 50 Nifty Forced Perspective Photographs - WebUrbanist
fun with photography--forced perspective...haha love the T-Rex
multiple images of people holding up their hands at night with the moon in the background
Having fun with the moon!