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Creative diy flowers by @milena_kanzashi
2 ways to make ribbon flowers by hand
Another kind of flower bracelet! 😘
a collage of photos with words and pictures on them that say, transfer method you need to know
Six Transfer Methods for Your Next Project
If you're looking for the best transfer method for your next project look no further. I've tried 6 and I will show you what I know. #transfer #diy #farmhouse
a book with some birds on it and the word hope written in black ink, sitting on a table
What to do With a Blank Canvas
Cover canvas with pages and put a design with a motivational word!
a colorful quilt with the word emma on it's front and bottom corner
Tutorial: Ric-Rac Applique
I love the big rick rack and the name on the blanket. So cute! Could be a good playtime mat.
two place mats with birds on them
Happy Birdies Mug Rugs
Happy Birdies Mug Rugs
a bulletin board that has been decorated with different colors and writing on it, along with other papers attached to the wall
Friendship Unit - Creating a Friendship Quilt
{Friendship Unit} Creating a Friendship Quilt | Kindergarten Lesson Plans
three images of children's heads with plants growing out of them, and the faces of two boys
hilarious! face pots. these were done by a marketing agency, so I don't see them for sale anywhere. but, I bet you could DIY decoupage these easily.
several pictures of plants in vases with faces painted on them
20 Crafts To Make You Fall In Love With DIYing - Amazing DIY, Interior & Home Design
DIY plastic bottle planter. Would be fun for Mother's Day, planted with herbs!
an image of different colored paper balls