Pecan Pie

Perfect Pecan Pie

Perfect Pecan Pie - Pinner says, "Trust a true pecan pie lover who has been using this recipe for over 30 years. I've never had better.

Figs - grew up with a fig tree in the yard (yumm)

I hope one day my fig tree will grow up to produce beautiful figs that look like these :-} おいしい

Classic Fish and Chips - with lots of salt & vinegar!!

i love fish and chips! FISH & CHIPS: Fish is dipped in a beer batter so the coating is light, crispy & flavorful. Have your friends over for a good old fashioned fish fry!

Sushi, Maki, California Rolls

Sushi, Maki, California Rolls…un jeu d’enfant

One of my favourite cuisines!

In Japanese food terminology, the word “sushi’ actually refers to vinegar rice, and not fish, while the word “sashimi” means pierced flesh.

Yummy calamari

Fried Calamari

Ultimate Panko Fried Calamari - crispy & melt in your mouth tender. (Printable Recipe & Video Tutorial) one of my favorite foods

Pomegranates - grew up with these too

food photography- red and white- pomegranate- fruit photo- Splashes Of Red fine art photograph photo print

Harvest Grape Bread - could prepare this as Hot Cross buns for harvest-easter!!

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. DDIY Food & Recipe For Party The Italian Dish - Posts - Harvest Grape Bread and a Tribute to Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher -Read More -

Grew up with one in our backyard. Used to eat off the tree, cook mulberry jam (yumm) and raise silk worms on the leaves (beautiful spinners). And have purple feet!! Miss it - should try growing a tree again

Grow Your Own Mulberry Tree - A wonderful plant for your garden. A great, fast growing shade tree. And buckets full of wonderful fruit too. So do chickens, ducks and goats. A must for your homestead.


If you want to keep your body calm and revitalized then muskmelon is the answer. Muskmelon is a tropical fruit available during summer.


Cinnamon came from Egypt 2000 + years ago is great for fighting fat among many other health benefits! In Biblical Times it was worth more than gold! Cinnamon has Anti-Clotting, Anti-Microbial,Blood Sugar Control and Brain Heart Health benefits as well .


DIY Cupcake Holders


Typical South African "braai" - men were more concentrating on the beer than the food coz some are charcoaled and some still raw, haha!