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a man standing in front of a white background with the words how to position your brand to attract ideal raviing customers
How to position your brand to attract ideal raving customers.
Listen to the latest podcast of Strategy Sprints with Simon Severino and Re Perez.
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Discover Our Signature Branding Process
Authentic brands don't happen by accident. There is an art (design, colors, graphics, imagery, and fonts) and science (psychology, sociology, and cognitive linguistics) to it — which we have honed over our last ten years in business. Discover our proven 3-phased approach for building brands. Let’s Talk!
an authentic company name should evoke emotion, be memorable and tell a story re perez
Requirements for an authentic company name | Award-Winning Branding Agency
WHen do you know your company name is a complete flop? 🚫 It doesn't evoke emotion. 🚫 It is difficult to remember. (The #1 branding criteria for a solid name.) 🚫 It doesn't tell a story. 👉 What horrible name ideas you had for your company before selecting your current one? Want to learn the story of our agency name, check out the latest best-selling book on branding: Your Brand Should Be Gay (Even If You're Not)
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Company Name Ideas: 4 Action Steps to Name Your Company
Naming a company can be one of the most difficult and challenging tasks for business owners. It can be equivalent to naming a baby. If you are wondering if your company needs a new name, ask yourself these questions: Does your company have an authentic company name? Is your company name misleading? Is it location-specific thus limiting your reach? Is it attracting the wrong people? Is it hard to pronounce or remember? If you answered yes to any, save this guide! #companynameideas
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Is your brand aligned with you?
Another great review on Amazon from one of our #YBSBG readers. 💪🏼💥 Thank you, David Shapiro! We are glad to hear the book was an eye-opener!! We are honored to receive your feedback. We definitely agree with David: Authentic Brands are the precursors to massive shifts. Let us know if you agree with us or not and why in the comments👇👇. We would love to hear your thoughts. #branding #brandingquotes #entrepreneureducation
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Connect with Re Perez on Social Media
Re Perez is the CEO & Founder of Branding For The People. Author, Keynote Speaker and seasoned Brand Strategist. He provides insightful information about the art and science of branding. His first book will be launching soon. Follow him on Social Media and stay up to date with the coming events. @reperezspeaks @bftpagency
a woman holding a book and pencil in front of her face with the caption what do you think of my brand?
What do you think of my brand?
If you’re questioning whether or not your brand is performing at its best. It’s time for a Brand Audit. Whether you love all or parts of your brand, it’s always helpful to get a third-party perspective, because we know it’s difficult to see your own brand when you’re so close to it. We’ll team up with you to help you identify the true problems that are holding you back with your brand. What do you get? How it works? How to start? Visit our page for more information.
a man in a suit sitting down with his hand on his chin and the words brand is a desired perception
A brand is a desired perception.
A brand is a desired perception, and to create a favorable perception of your business in customer’s minds, these 7 components must work harmoniously together. Download our Branding Blueprint and get clear on the 7 components of a great brand >>
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The 7 components of a great brand.
One of the most frequent questions we get asked is “What is a brand?” It’s a great question.Is it a logo? A color-scheme? Is it the words you say or the photos you use? It’s all of the above, and yet none of them singularly. These are elements of a brand but there are 7 key components to a GREAT brand. All the components must work harmoniously together to create a brand that resonates with your target audience. To learn more, follow the link and read this short article.