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a quote from the founder of brands that says, every business and every brand should solve a problem for their client or customer
Solving Business Problems
"A problem well-defined is a problem half-solved." As Charles Kettering said. Every #business must define what problems they solve for their client prior to creating a new brand or #rebranding an existing one. We have free resources for you with everything you need to know about #branding. Follow the link to download our free resources. Pin it for future reference #entrepreneurquotes #businessquotes
a black and white photo with the words,'enterprisers and small businesses don't know what they didn't know when it comes to branding
Sometimes we need to understand that we don't know everything and that is OK.
Sometimes we need to understand that we don't know everything and that is OK. You don't know what you don't know. Acknowledge it. Then you'll be able to appreciate when someone teaches you what you didn't knew. #leadership #success #motivation #entreprenership #entrepreneurquote
a quote that reads true confidence comes when you know that not everyone is going to agree with you, and you are ok with that
True Confidence
When you know exactly who you are and who you are not, you show up as confident and proud. People with confidence naturally command attention and authority. They are an inspiration to others. This translate in everything you do. Everything you represent and stand for. Let us know if this resonates with you. 👇 Share only if it does.
a white background with the words branding is a lifestyle choice because it influenced all future decisiones
Branding is a lifestyle choice.
Anyone who has tried to lose weight catches themselves thinking, “it might work for others, but it won’t work for me.” It can be difficult to look at a process and imagine the end result. Even as entrepreneurs and small business owners, we allow our false beliefs to hold us back (often in regard to the challenges that will make the biggest difference for our companies) from committing to branding. Ironically, the very reasons a company resists branding, are often the reasons that they need it."
an advertisement with the words your brand needs to communicate a look and feel that creates your desired
A brand is a desired perception.
Takes only seconds for the subconscious to make a decision. Our 🧠 brain is a marvelous machine that works instantly and has patterns and behaviors recorded which guides us to function efficiently in the least possible time. A great branding leverages the human mind. 📣A great brand communicates your message even before you say a word to your audience. BIg Brands know this. 📌Your brand should be unique and representative of your business, not modeled after someone else's.
a quote on the topic of a problem with an image of a man in black and white
Free Brand Strategy - Branding For The People
New Year, new brand? ➡️Do you need to rebrand? We’ll team up with you to help you identify the true problems that are holding you back with your brand. ✔️Defining the problem gets it half-solved. Visit for more information.
a white and black poster with the words happy holidays from the branding for the people team
Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays! 🎄🎅🔯✨ May this season bring you joy, good health, peace and prosperity. Best wishes from the Branding For The People team.
a man in a suit sitting down with his hand on his chin and the words brand is a desired perception
A brand is a desired perception.
A brand is a desired perception, and to create a favorable perception of your business in customer’s minds, these 7 components must work harmoniously together. Download our Branding Blueprint and get clear on the 7 components of a great brand >>
a white background with a black and pink quote on it that says, your logo is not your brand
Your logo is not your brand.
Branding is so much more than a logo. When it comes to branding, most entrepreneurs ask questions like: ❌What should my logo look like? ❌What should my colors be? Instead, before designing your logo or selecting colors, there are three important questions to ask that create the foundation for your brand and ultimately what your logo should look like. Read the post to learn the three questions you should ask yourself BEFORE designing your logo or selecting your colors.
an advertisement with the words it's not what you say, but how you say it
The Perfect Sales Page - Branding For The People
Writing a long-form sales page can be an easy, quick way to lay out the solution that your product or service provides. The trick is NOT to sound like everyone else, but to sound like yourself while also hitting all of the salient steps for success. Following this 20-part process has guaranteed our clients great results!
a poster with the words be creible, be relevant, be unique
Three criteria of a Brand Promise
When you simplify your #brand into a core #BrandPromise, you want to make sure that it fulfills three criteria. Is your brand #Credible? #Relevant? #Unique?
an advertisement with the words branding creates value, and it is written in black on a white background
Should you invest in branding? -
Most business owners focus only on #marketing and #sales because they can track it to an immediate result. When it comes to #branding, it’s about creating real value in the marketplace — and when you do that, you will get results now and over time.
a white background with the words'perception is reality - branding for the people '
Perception is reality.
How you are perceived defines the ultimate success and/or failure of your business. Branding is about creating a desired perception in the minds of your target market.
an advertisement with the words brand strategy is business strategy and branding for the people on it
Brand Strategy is Business Strategy.
A great brand is developed to accommodate the needs of a growing business. The branding process involves defining the brand’s architecture, including how a brand’s products, services, sub-brands and verticals are organized and presented to customers. Have you updated your Business Strategy recently? Then it’s time to update your Brand Strategy as well.
a white and black poster with the words logos are for amateurs brands are for the pros
Not Another Branding Agency. We're a Brand Accelerator
A brand is not your logo. It's not your tag line. It's none of these things. And so if that's the case, you might be asking yourself, What is a Brand? What is Branding? What is a Brand strategy? We invite you to dismiss anything you might have heard about branding because most of it might be inaccurate.