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Healthy Vegetables Dish with Cabbage. 😋👌
The best way to start your day is with a balanced diet, plenty of fruits, vegetables, and physical activity. Keep your body fit and healthy with tips and advice from our channel.
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Easy Lentil Patties
Lentil patties or lentil fritters are a quick, easy, and tasty recipe you can make in less than 30 minutes. You’ll love the Mediterranean-inspired flavor of this dish with cooked lentils, spices, fresh herbs, and garlic. Lentil patties are satisfying and nutritious, rich in protein and fiber that will keep you healthy and satiated.
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healthy and low carb tofu pizza sticks vegan i gf oil free
Low-Carb Vegan Pizza Sticks (Gluten-Free + Oil-Free)
Low-Carb Pizza Sticks (Keto, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Oil-Free)
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Vegetarian Chili Mac - Easy One Pot Dinner!
This Vegetarian Chili Mac is a delicious mash up of two favorite meals: hearty vegetarian chili and gooey mac and cheese. This chili mac recipe is a quick and easy one pot dinner, perfect for busy days!
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Healthy Chickpea Fritters
Chickpea fritters are an easy and tasty vegetarian recipe for weeknight dinners and meal prep. Made with canned chickpeas, fresh herbs, spices, and a few other simple ingredients, you can prepare them in a few minutes with a potato masher, fork, or food processor and cook them in an oven, air-fryer, or skillet. Enjoy chickpea fritters for a delicious and wholesome meal, snack, or appetizer, with pita bread, in a wrap, salads, and bowls, or dip them in a creamy tahini sauce.
Tortilla Quiche Bake
Tortilla Quiche Bake is a delicious dish featuring layers of tortillas filled with eggs, cheese, and savory ingredients, baked to golden perfection.