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Miriam Altman, Telkom, believes the telecommunications giant is being forced to give away its product at cost.

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Stewart van Graan, Dell Southern & Central Africa, believes good leaders need to nurture employees and get them to do their best for themsel...

Jacques du Toit, Vox, says the world of communications has become one where everything is just data.

Alan Knott-Craig Jr believes Isizwe can become a de facto solution for access to the internet for the poor throughout SA.

There's much media fuss over the launch of new startups and we're usually eager to celebrate any success. Failure is not something we often dwell on. Perhaps it should be.

Wanted: the money-making CIO by George Ambler, executive partner and head of Executive Programmes at Gartner Africa.

Ian Simons, Avanade, says the attraction of biometrics is that it provides a secondary means to verify the authenticity and physical presence of a person

Professor Barry Dwolatzky says that although there are no guarantees the , Tshimologong Precinct hub will meet all expectations, he believes they have the right ingredients to make it work.

When Richard van As sliced off four fingers in a carpeting accident, he did what any man in his situation would do – invented a flexible prosthetic hand.

The bright promise of Project Isizwe Pipedream or reality? Free WiFi continues its inexorable march across South Africa.