Alan Knott-Craig Jr believes Isizwe can become a de facto solution for access to the internet for the poor throughout SA.

Cellular giant MTN has stepped around many obstacles in its rise to become the Middle East and Africa's largest cellular operator.

Sal Laher, Eskom, believes his many years of IT experience was one of the factors that enabled him to come up with a convincing business plan

The concept of dual-shoring may not be new, but Zensar Technologies, which is rated among the top 12 Indian IT companies, became the first company from India to enter into a BEE deal with investment holding firm Kapela and The Tomorrow Trust, a move it says could see Zensar increasing its empowerment rating from level four to between three and two.

Reports of the password's death have been greatly exaggerated. Instead, security is betting on a plan B.

Insuring cyberspace Local businesses are under-insured when it comes to cyber crime risks, and many wrongly believe that they’re covered by regular policies. $

CIOs are no longer meeting the expectations of their companies and are in danger of being deposed by young upstarts with titles like 'chief digital officer'.

The much-hyped technology of augmented reality is finally starting to deliver on its grand promises.

Peter Korsten, IBM, says CEOs expect their influence on business strategy to grow substantially in the next few years. $

Wanted: A digital evangelist The characteristics CEOs seek from their next chief information officers are changing.

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