Table Mountain, South Africa -- one of the seven natural wonders of the world

My beautiful Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa! Gorgeous from afar, even more stunning while hiking her paths and discovering her "inner" beauty!

Mandela Bridge in Johannesburg

Nelson Mandela Bridge ~ Johannesburg, South Africa ~ Dissing+Weitling ~ Road and pedestrian bridge crossing 42 railway lines linking Braamfontein with Newtown and the city centre.

Cape Town, South Africa

Clifton Bay and Beach Cape Town South Africa - Africa Photography Desktop Wallpapers

Lightning strikes the Hillbrow Telkom Tower in Johannesburg, South Africa. Tall towers are frequent targets of lightning strikes, because there is less air to act as an insulator between the tower and a cloud.

Man the lightning storms out there are out of this world, i can't wait to get some shots!


While Johannesburg is not one of South Africa's three capital cities, it is the…


Baie Kapenaars is maar skrikkerig vir Jozi, maar dis 'n stad wat ek regtig geniet. In 2014 wil ek al die uithoeke van Johannesburg leer ken.


The Biggest Economy In - Johannesburg South Africa Pushpa Padayichie

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