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an old dirty wall with rust on it
The Most Iconic Images Of The 1990s
Rwanda Massacre 1994: Annie Leibovitz
an old black and white photo of mannequins standing next to each other
Old fashioned medical school morgue. The bodies rode on a track from the ceiling; they were attached to the track by means of large metal clamps in their heads.
four wooden dolls are lined up next to each other on the floor with text about them
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Mummies in Germany…
Morgue Photos Of Titanic Victims | Viewing Victims at the Morgue York, Southampton, Vintage, Belfast, Vintage Photos, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
Morgue Photos Of Titanic Victims | Viewing Victims at the Morgue
a large rock sitting on top of a lush green field next to tall grass and trees
Strange Hoodoos - Living Growing Stones - An Incredible Geological Phenomenon |
Growing Stones - In a small village in Romania, there are some fascinating and mysterious stones, called trovants, which are believed to have a life in them. Trovant meaning cemented sand, are a geological phenomena which were created by earthquakes. What makes these trovants unique and mysterious is that are reproducing after coming in contact with water. After heavy raining the stones grow starting with 6-8 millimeters and ending with 6-10 meters with no stone being identical.
there are stones in roman called travas that grow and multiply after heavy rain shower
Science mystery:Living Stones Of Costesti
Living Stones Of Costesti Costesti, a small Romanian village, has some interesting and incredible stones known as trovants, these mysterious stones is that they grow as if they are alive after coming into contact with water from a heavy rainfall and these stones tend to grow from 6-8 millimeters to 6 -10 millimeters in size.
an image of the back side of a black and white poster with words on it
Creepy Amazing Stories - Voynich Manusript
Creepy Amazing Stories - Voynich Manusript
black and white photograph of a small bed in a room with graffiti on the walls
Something very disturbing happen here..the room itself tells the story
an open book with pictures of babys in plastic containers on the front and back sides
Here Are 24 Photos From The Past That Prove It Was Absolutely INSANE. #3 Is Just… OMG.
17.) Preserved medical oddities at the Mutter Museum.
an old black and white photo shows a man holding a baby in front of two other men
Have you ever heard of the Ludlow Massacre? You might be shocked when you see what happened.
Have You Ever Heard Of The Ludlow Massacre? You Might Be Shocked When You See What Happened~this part of history has been omitted from the history books. This is an article that people should read to remind themselves, when we ignore history, it is doomed to repeat itself...and it is right now.
an old photo of a woman standing in front of a marker on the rocks with her arms crossed
Eaten by mountain rats on Pike's Peak
The grave of a girl eaten alive by mountain rats on Colorado's Pike's Peak! Read the story here:
several pieces of wood that have been carved into the shape of jesus's body
The mystery of the miniature coffins
Arthur's Seat Coffins found in Edinburgh in 1836 by five young boys hunting for rabbits on the north eastern slopes of Arthur's Seat.
the fire broke out at one world trade center in new york city
9/11/01 as the media doesn't want you to see it (WARNING: Very graphic; not antiseptic)
9/11/01 as the media doesn't want you to see it (WARNING: Very graphic; not antiseptic)
a purple and white flower with an insect on it
Passiflora Portraiture: Amazing Passion Flower Photography - The Photo Argus
Passion Flower Photography