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ArtStation - sketch(20161117), Yukiya Takeda

ArtStation - sketch(20161117), Yukiya Takeda


Quick Woodtexture Walkthrough by nathie although a painting technique it would work just as well when creating the wood look in miniatures:

tutorial on drawing skin

Supplement for Section II of the Skin tutorial. It’s much easier to see the compare the colors for the different skin tones in this format. SKIN: a chart - SUPPLEMENT IMG

64 Pro Cracks (Bitmap version) - Miscellaneous Shapes

Buy 64 Pro Cracks (Bitmap version) by on GraphicRiver. PRETTY FX IN 3 STEPS ! Pro Cracks” is a set of 64 isolated objects in PNG format. Theses images are availables in.

UMM PEOPLE ASKED ABOUT NOSES AND EARS SO YEAH!! please look up real references too don’t just look at THESE CAUSE REAL REFS ARE THE BEST I HOpe this helps somewhat i wan’t sure waht to cover SOBS

(this person draws crazy huge ears but) good refs for different angles, DETAILED drawing of the ear seen from back and how the hair lies on either side.