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January 2018

Anime picture avatar: the legend of korra bolin dctb (artist) single tall image short hair looking at viewer black hair smile simple background white background yellow eyes signed from above hand on hip male gloves winter clothes 369899 en

janeinthetitle January 2018

ma-sulevin: “ fatale-distraction: “ jaegerhugs: “ fatale-distraction: “ rock-paperback-scissors: “Go find him, Pounce. ” someone write an epic tale of Ser Pounce searching for Anders and after a harrowing adventure, he finally finds.

By on @DeviantArt January 2018

there& a nice Inquisitor hairstyle meme going around, but I don& remember seeing any for the Hero of Ferelden. (I& sure I just missed it, but I didn& feel like hunting one down) so I made my ow.