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Danielle Booysen
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{gif} ........this gif doesn't need a comment.....

{gif} Niall and Harry blowing kisses,pointing,and making a heart. File all if these things under can't.

Haha really funny joke

this was pinned as a joke but when i read it, and being involved with TONY, reading it backward was our relationship. NOT FUNNY! hurtful and exactly how he treats those he is supposedly involved with.

"I'm about as violent and in intimidating as a pink butterfly that's stuck on a marshmallow" Dan Howell<<<<<< same tho

This was defiantly the saddest part of the whole video! I'll miss ya on o2l but I still respect your decision cause I guess everyone has to move on sometime in their lives... Love ya Connor!!

to be honest i never thought i would get this attached to and when i saw this video i cried for like the next 2 hours!Conner will never be forgotten on the the fandom and we all love you conner we all love you and miss you!

Connor Franta gif

Connor Franta gif annnnnnnnnd adding this to the list of 5 billion things why o luv Connor!

Omg look at Connor. Just omg

jccaylen rickydillon sampottorff kianlawley connorfranta trevormoran And then there's my man. Apparently sleeping. My role model guysss

Ricky's lisp is cute❤️

I love it. If you say anything about it. Just leave this fandom. Not that you were ever really apart of it user