Jenna Booth ✔️

Jenna Booth ✔️

South Africa, Cape Town / juѕt αn σrdínαrч gírl σвѕєѕѕєd wíth píntєrєѕt! 500 fσllσwєrѕ?💕
Jenna Booth ✔️
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You can actually tell who's part of the maknae line and who's part of the hyung line even without really knowing them

There is a big difference but I love them all the same<<I am the hyung line. My mother is the maknae line. It's a hard life for a wannabe turtle.

There needs to be a kpop song from every mode of transportation! I cant wait for "Gallop" could it be done by DK ans Jhope?

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But he's also wearing those tan brownish boots, which do make him taller so we are unsure how much taller he actually is <<< can we just appreciate how small and cute jimin looks in the bottom two frames