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a table with some plants on it and a potted plant sitting on top of it
Mackenzie-Childs inspired Whimsical Painted Table, Harlequin Table, Alice in Wonderland Table.
This adorable, Mackenzie Child inspired, rectangular side table on turned legs, is hand painted in shades of red, black, white, green, blue and gold. It's a statement piece, ideal to compliment a variety of decors. This unique table serves as the perfect "splash of color" and whimsy you may be looking for in your room and is certain to brighten up any space. It retains its original brass wheels. All my pieces are vintage or antique and it goes without saying will have age related imperfections .
Mad Hatter,Edward scissors hands , Jack skellington ,Alice in wonderland
Bespoke wedding centre peices- Tim burton style This had to be the most favourite wedding I have ever made. First, I love Tim burton. What a legend, and second, what a couple to give me the opportunity. They were so trusting in me, and I have to say they were over the moon. check out my website and follow me on Instagram and Facebook - Dotty Herberts Bristol florist
two blue and white vases sitting on top of a table
Custom design and hand painted tea/coffee service
a bouquet of roses in a vase on top of a black table cloth covered table
Other centerpieces that went along with the alice in wonderland party Made by Diana M
a pink chair sitting on top of a cement ground
Upcycled chair. $2 garage sale find, repainted Cheshire Cat theme...Were all a little mad here....made at The House of
a welcome mat is on the ground in front of some plants and potted plants