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the letters and numbers are made out of newspaper paper with black ink on white background
a room filled with lots of books and a lamp on top of a wooden table
an illustration of a woman in a dress standing next to music sheets with the words shakespeare's written on them
the words lite up in white on a black background
LITerature by dylanxh | Redbubble
a bookshelf filled with lots of different types of books on top of each other
Secret Library aesthetic
a white wall with a black and white quote on it that says, your skin without your scars would be like the sky without the stars
Once I heard that, moon is pretty because of the beautiful scars it owns
an open book with red lipstick on it
A poem. 💋
a person is holding an open book in their hand while sitting on the seat of a plane
Books on trains aesthetic
Styles black owanbe outfit #owanbestyles
the sun is setting over the ocean with clouds in the sky and waves on the beach
720x1440 Wallpapers | Fond d'ecran pastel, Fond d'écran coloré, Illustration de paysage