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an alphabet exit ticket with the words, letters and sounds on it in black and white
Phonics Lesson Assessments Informal Exit Tickets Kindergarten Kinder First Grade
Alphabet exit tickets are a great way to quickly assess alphabet letter sound knowledge in kindergarten! Phonics exit tickets are a quick and seamless way to integrate informal phonics assessment at the end of everyday whole group or small group lessons. learn alphabet printables | alphabet sounds activities | alphabet worksheets | alphabet activities preschool | kindergarten letter sounds
the book talk questions are shown in this poster
Book Talk
I have a fun reading resource for you! Book Talk is loaded with ideas to use for retelling stories, comprehending reading, and using b...
a sign that says after reading with your child
Reading- The School/Home Connection
First Grade Wow: Reading- The School/Home Connection
a poster with instructions to help children read and practice reading in the book's title
FREE Kindergarten Parent Note for Reading Bags
the author worksheet for children to learn how to read and write their characters
First Grade a la Carte
5th grade Story Elements Graphic Organizer | Click on the picture above to grab your own copy. ENJOY!!
the little red riding hood worksheet for children to learn how to read it
Little Red Riding Hood Story Elements and Story Retelling Worksheets Pack - The Super Teacher
These Little Red Riding Hood printables are awesome for teaching story elements like character, setting, and main events. There are even worksheets for kids to retell the story and show what they remember!
a notebook with sticky notes and stickers attached to it, sitting on a table
How to Make the Most of Your Guided Reading Lessons
First Grade Garden: How to Make the Most of Your Guided Reading Lessons