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Foire by Fernand Hick

Fred And Louise, photography by Fernand Hick. In People, Everyday, Leisure. Fred And Louise, photography by Fernand Hick.

Young woman enjoying swing carousel in the evening. Blurred motion.

Young woman riding on a swing carousel in amusement park smiling by IBStock

Panning how-to

this is an example of panning photography, a great technique for location photography. the idea of panning is to move with the moving object to get the sense of everything moving around them.

OMG!  This is exactly the kind of tree swing I had as a kid!  It was a round disc attached to a rope that hung from a big old willow tree in my grandparents' back yard. The tree is gone now & so is the swing, but my joyful memories of the years I spent swinging on that old willow tree will remain with me forever.  It is definitely one of the happiest memories of my childhood.  Pure JOY!

photography by philip newton for flora and henri featuring estelle