Boitumelo Rammekoa

Boitumelo Rammekoa

Boitumelo Rammekoa
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Grunge outfit. High waisted distressed denim shorts, Nirvana muscle tank, and a plaid button up.

Mystery Hipster Grunge Outfit: High Waisted Shorts & Flannel Shirt & Tee- All Sizes ✞Sale - FLANNEL Shirt & Tee, High Waisted Denim Shorts. ✞You get one Awesome 3 Peace Outfit! ✿I personally Make e

Hey I'm Kate, 17 and single. I'm in the feild operative and have good training in medical care. I handle guns the best. I am not afraid to kill and I can read minds. So ya introduce

My model may wear some form of beanie hat (male or female) and mom jeans. Both these trends are quite vintage and from years ago that have come back. They fit in with the indie/grunge genre. I have both these things

Matte Purple Grey Acrylic Square Nails

I don't know why I have an obsession with matte nails ! Pastel purple matte nails :D // nails // simple