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This is for my sewing beginner friends. 20 mistakes sewing beginners make. We all had to start at the beginning when learning how to sew. There are some mistakes we're going to make, and some that we can avoid by learning from the experience of others. The goal: waste as little money and fabric as possible. :-)

Are you a sewing beginner? I want to help sewing beginners avoid the mistakes I made so you will have an awesome sewing experience & avoid these 20 mistakes

Making bias tape from knit fabric amazing simple trick!

Making bias tape from knit fabric --The masking tape acts as a cutting guide AND stabilises the fabric whilst you are cutting.

Tip: inserting lace details

How to insert lace details - be sure to scroll down on the page, the page shows how to insert the lace on underwear (panties, camisoles, etc.

DIY - Downton Abbey inspired lace shirt

DIY - Downton Abbey inspired lace shirt-------------- what a great idea - so easy to do. Reminds me of back in the day when they had lace collars that they could remove easily to dress up or down outfits.