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an old woman holding a cup in front of a radio with the words halleuer on it
HALLELUJER! Final Day to Register for the 2013 World Conference is Here
When the carnal laughter stops The Most High is not laughing and we he has given us up to dishonor our bodies
an older woman is talking to someone in the mirror
Glitteredthumbs | Etsy
same scene: Did you do this? this is vera wang! Madea: Who dat is? she do nails? i need to get my nails did.
an older woman sitting in a chair with the caption so you believe in getting even? hell to the yeah
bli av med ditt tidsförödande spam mail!
Madea is awesome! I laugh more at Tyler Perry's movies with Madea than any other movies. Sooooo funny!
an old woman with glasses and pearls on her head, has the caption i am not scared of no po po po
'Madea' Red Carpet: Aaron Sorkin Can Get You Into the White House!
Madea in Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman. I love Tyler Perry movies, and what is there not to love about Madea.
an older woman is standing in front of a mirror with the caption if i call the cops they will be here in ten minutes good, then that give me nine nine to beat
Madea . Is. The . Best.
Madea . Is. The . Best.
a man and woman sitting at a table in front of a christmas tree with the caption, how i got silver hair, silver bulls too do you want one?
meet the browns mr brown quotes - Google Search
an old woman with white hair and glasses making a funny face while sitting in a chair
an old woman with glasses and a quote on her face that says, let folks talk it's about what they call you
Let Madea preach to you for a bit.
I So Love Madea!!! Wisdom right there!
an older woman in a white hat talking to another person
Hahaha you bet your ass!