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Food - Seed to Harvest to Table

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Easy Fruit Tart
Chicago Coffee Cake
Chicago Coffee Cake

Food Art

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Cherry blossoms are a beautiful symbol of spring and renewal. Spring might still be a little ways away, but Cherry Blossom will transport you to that feeling of new beginnings and add a spring to your step. The Cherry Blossom is a sweet, fruity, and refreshing cocktail, elevated with the velvet smoothness and tropical flavor of the nigori sake. It's vibrant and rejuvenating, a beautiful brew that will positively enchant. Let it sweep you off your feet like a spring breeze!
Time flies so you might as well have a little fun! Especially during the holiday season. The glistening snow lying perfectly on the ground and the twinkly lights and pretty colors decking your halls call for lots of jolly and some warm, sweet cheer in your cup! Adult Hot Chocolate brings good tidings and joy with every chocolatey sip with a fun twist. You get a nice, festive burst of minty goodness all thanks to your favorite peppermint schnapps. And to make sure the aesthetic matches your jubil

Holiday Cheer

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Holiday Ice

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Lucky Irish Brownies
Nostalgia Cookies | Command Cooking
Lemon Pound Cake

Holiday Treats

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You can never ever have too many burger recipes, so naturally, you need one that doesn't require a grill! Smash Burgers are just that—to ensure that when you're feeling the summertime blues, or you can't make it out to the grill, you can still experience the savory, serotonin-filled flavors! The juicy, generously-seasoned patty opts to be cooked on a skillet to achieve the brown, crusty goodness you were longing for. Placed on a golden-brown, crispy bun and topped with gooey cheese and all your
Is this a meal or an appetizer? Kind of a tough question. On the one hand, Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups are grilled cheese, one of the classic dinner dishes. On the other hand, they certainly look and eat like an appetizer. Regardless, it's hard to say no to Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups, with their buttery, crisp exteriors and melty, cheesy interiors which only take half an hour to make. A much simpler question will be what dipping sauce you serve them with? Actually, that may not be so easy of a question
There's no better way to rise and shine! Breakfast Grilled Cheese brings you so much joy and all the gooey, melty cheese you were dreaming about! Plus... all your early morning favorites, like crispy bacon, hearty sausage, and fluffy eggs. Imagine all that squished between two slices of your favorite crusty, perfectly toasted bread with that melty cheese we were talking about. A literal dream come true, eh? Breakfast Grilled Cheese is hands down the best way to wake up!

Edibles - Sandwiches

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What is it about scallops that enchant people so thoroughly? Is it the slight sweetness and buttery flavor, or that they become a tender canvas for other flavors? Well, as these Oven-Kissed Scallops demonstrate, it's probably both! Each of these scallops is gently cooked to perfection, then topped with zesty spices and crunchy breadcrumbs. A little extra butter and some sharp parmesan cheese bring out the best in this seafood superstar, creating a flavor that will leave you swooning. Oven-Kissed
Not every meal has to be a black-tie affair. Nor do they have to take hours and hours to prepare in order to be delicious! Bowties and Broccoli cordially invites you to sit back, relax, and enjoy a meal that's quick and easy! You'll be indulging in a big cheesy bowl of perfectly seasoned, fluffy bowtie pasta and crispy broccoli florets in less than fifteen minutes! That's right. In fifteen whole minutes, you'll be wining and dining, but rest assured, no formal wear is required. Ah, Bowties and B
A dish made with cheese and chicken? You can pretty much sign us right up to chow it down! Especially one like this One-Pot Chicken & Rice. It's got all of our comforting favorites like melty cheese and juicy chicken, plus some fluffy rice, tender peas, and sweet carrots. The garlicy, savory, and buttery sauce creates such a perfectly delicious flavor combination that we just can't keep it to ourselves. We love it so much and we think you will, too. Come along on this One-Pot Chicken & Rice jour

Edibles - Main Course

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Dot's Famous Spaghetti Sauce tastes like a work of art, in part because she makes sure that the flavors are perfect. She gets the most vibrant, sweet, herbaceous, and meaty sauce by slow-cooking it, allowing all the flavors to meld together into something that tastes so amazing, you'll want to drink it. This is the perfect weeknight meal to come home to after a long day, or the best dish to use to close out the weekend. Dot's Famous Spaghetti Sauce is the dish that people will thank you for maki
What is the key to Perfectly Crisp Bacon? It's actually the oven rather than the frying pan. A short stint in the oven and presto! You have Perfectly Crisp Bacon every time. Whether you want a salty, fatty treat with your eggs and coffee or you need bacon crumbles for topping a baked potato or soup, you can get these strips of goodness ready in no time!
What is the key to Perfectly Crisp Bacon? It's actually the oven rather than the frying pan. A short stint in the oven and presto! You have Perfectly Crisp Bacon every time. Whether you want a salty, fatty treat with your eggs and coffee or you need bacon crumbles for topping a baked potato or soup, you can get these strips of goodness ready in no time!

Cooking Tips

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If there's something you need to know about any president's better half, it's that she knows how to throw the most extravagant gatherings with the tastiest bites. While this First Lady Dip might not have come straight from the White House, we are pretty confident that if the leading lady got a taste of its creaminess, crunchiness, and sweetness, she would certainly want it at all her patriotic parties. She would serve it with a fancy, buttery cracker, and all her guests would rave. She wouldn't
There's a reason Mississippi Sin Dip got its name; it really is sinfully delicious! The dip itself is tangy, creamy, and cheesy, with plenty of bites of ham for an extra savory and meaty kick. Just a dash of hot sauce keeps everything warm and exciting, just waiting for a great cracker or slice of toast to dip into it! It even comes in a loaf of French bread, and if you think that bread bowl isn't going to be eaten, you might just be surprised. Mississippi Sin Dip is a wickedly delicious way to
These easy-to-make Air Fryer Potato Wedges are seasoned with a simple spice blend and are air-fried until fluffy in the middle and crispy on the outside.

Edibles - Appetizers

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Once you get warm-weather fever, it is truly hard to think of anything else. Well, except maybe Summer Shrimp Salad! This salad sensation is so captivating, it will definitely catch your attention. With the picnic of flavors that include plump, juicy shrimp, amazingly fresh greens, creamy avocados, and a daydreamy citrus dressing, it is sure to shine a bright light on any lunch or dinner. Try this breezy beautiful Summer Shrimp Salad for a quick bit of summer-bliss no matter the climate or time
If you've been yearning for a trip to the east coast to enjoy the fare of the sea, let this dish take your tastebuds on a well-deserved flavor journey! This lavish Lobster Salad will be a hit at your next coast-of-anywhere gathering. Packed with juicy, meaty lobster and spiced-up with a creamy mayo sauce, it's the king of cuisine that will have everyone drooling. You can never go wrong when you serve up big chunks of lovely, sweet lobster... don't you agree? Your guests will be transported to an
No one can beat mom’s recipe! Mom’s Potato Salad recipe comes from the southern tradition of this potluck favorite; not only is it classically creamy and hearty with fluffy potato bites, but it also has a southern-style tang from the mustard mixed in. Both light and filling, sour and sweet, Mom’s Potato Salad is a refreshing accompaniment to any meal in any season! Trust us, Mom’s Potato Salad will put all of your other potato salad recipes to shame.

Edibles - Salads

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The Pennsylvania Dutch know how to make classic comfort food that never goes out of style. Amish Chicken & Dumplings is perhaps comfort food in its purest form; the thick and savory broth, the juicy bites of chicken, the tender vegetables, and of course the dumplings. Is there a food out there more ready to absorb incredible flavors with their tenderness than dumplings? Not that we know of! Amish Chicken & Dumplings will make ordinary chicken noodle soup seem like such small potatoes!
In the contest of side dishes, German Potato Salad wins first place! Its versatility and deliciousness can't be beat — you can serve it warm or cold, and it's always a treat for the tastebuds. Hearty potatoes, crispy bacon, and crunchy onion come together with vinegar, mustard, and seasonings for a dish that is savory and irresistible. German Potato Salad is potato salad just like Grandma used to make! Bring this dish to your next function and you'll be the talk of the town.
This Mexican Potato Soup is just about as comforting as it gets. Who wouldn't want all of their favorite Mexican-inspired flavors in soup form?! The tender potatoes and juicy tomatoes, soaking in a garlicy, savory bath, will make you confident that this is the way to go the next time you get a hankering for something sippable. It can be whipped up in just over 30 minutes, too, which is everyone's dream come true. So, stay home, grab your blanky and a spoon, and sip on some Mexican Potato Soup!

Edibles - Soups

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Get ready to turn breakfast into your favorite meal of the day! There are few better potato preparations than Easy Oven Hashbrowns—the crispy, crunchy, fluffy on the inside marvels that go well with every breakfast fixing ever invented. Seriously, eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes—there’s nothing Easy Oven Hashbrowns can’t improve! This savory sensation can be on the table in less than an hour!
Asparagus Casserole will convert anyone into an asparagus-lover in an instant! All it takes to make the roasty, grassy flavor of asparagus truly amazing is a creamy, tangy sauce and some melty cheese on top! Oh, and don't forget the toasty, buttery breadcrumbs sprinkled all over! That'll make anything delicious, right? Certainly, it makes Asparagus Casserole a dinner worth getting pumped up for! Three cheers for a humble vegetable made even more delicious!
Are you a picky eater and don't love eating your greens? Don't worry, we have the perfect solution to make you fall in love with veggies... Roasted Brussels Bites! These little bites of heaven are perfectly roasted and coated with rich parmesan cheese and crunchy panko, making them irresistibly crispy and cheesy. Even the pickiest of eaters won't be able to resist the crunchy texture and savory taste of these Roasted Brussels Bites. Try this healthier and delicious side today and get ready to en

Edibles - Veggies

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Sheet-Pan Eggs is the perfect dish for a lazy weekend morning when you want something delicious and filling without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Picture this: the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the aroma of fresh eggs and veggies is wafting through the air. This dish combines classic breakfast favorites into a mouth-watering sheet-pan meal. With just a few simple steps, Sheet-Pan Eggs will be ready to serve up a delicious, protein-packed breakfast that's perfect for sharing
Famous Holiday Quiche isn't just famous for tasting amazing, although it could rest on its laurels with just that. No, it's called Famous Holiday Quiche, because whatever day you make it, becomes a holiday! The crust is a crisp hashbrown, so it's already impressive right out of the gate, and then the filling is a creamy, savory, cheesy egg concoction, speckled with succulent bits of ham. Few dishes say comfort and indulgence more than a quiche, and this Famous Holiday Quiche takes those feelings
The secret to the Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs is simplicity. All it takes is a gentle touch and low heat and you have the creamiest, most ethereal eggs you could ever dream of! No matter how hectic the morning, you can whip up the Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs ever without skipping a beat. These eggs guarantee that you'll truly have a good morning!

Edibles - Eggs

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One of the joys of summertime is the arrival of fresh blueberries. Bursting with bright and vibrant flavors, blueberries just scream warm weather happiness. Best way to use those blueberries? This Blueberry Crisp! A crunchy, sugary crust with notes of brown sugar smokiness, covering a bubbly lake of blueberries turned jammy in the oven. Blueberry Crisp is best enjoyed after a great day of adventures, and of course with some vanilla ice cream, although eating it is an adventure all on its own!
Even the latest of night owls will admit that The Best French Toast makes mornings so much better! What makes this the greatest of all time, you might wonder? The delicious simplicity. It takes all the original flavors like sweet cinnamon, rich butter, and tastebud-pleasing vanilla and really hones in on them. No fancy techniques or equipment are needed either; you just dunk your favorite doughy bread in all the mixings and plop it on a griddle until you achieve that beautiful golden-brown goodn
What a day for a daydream! A daydream about warm sands, cool sparkling waters, and fluffy clouds floating in the sky above. Hawaiian Paradise Fluff is what those fantasy clouds would taste like if you could just reach them; a fluffy, creamy mixture of vanilla pudding and whipped topping, with tropical treats like bananas, tangy pineapple, and sunny oranges. Hawaiian Paradise Fluff is also a daydream for party hosts since it's so easy to make and only needs 5 minutes. Who would want to get their

Edibles - Fruit

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Jackie Kennedy's Special Casserole, sometimes called Casserole Marie Blanche, was apparently a beloved dinner when the Kennedys were in the White House, served to honored guests and family members. Once you try it for yourself, you'll see why! A seemingly simple, tender noodle dish with plenty of cheesy, tangy flavor, and the refreshing garden sharpness of chives, Jackie Kennedy's Special Casserole is delicate and hearty at the same time, heartwarmingly homemade yet delightfully classic. You'll
Looking for a hearty casserole that will transport you to the heart of Amish country? This Traditional Amish Casserole will take you there! Made with layers of tender egg noodles, savory ground beef, and a creamy sauce, this tasty bake is the ultimate in warm, comforting goodness. It's packed with bold, satisfying flavors that will keep you coming back for more. Whip up some of this delicious Traditional Amish Casserole today and enjoy a taste of the simple, yet exquisite flavors of Amish cuisin
The Brunch Casserole is brunch—literally! It has everything you could want for brunch in one dish! Fluffy eggs, crispy bacon, and melty cheese all on a bed of breading: every morning favorite, all at once, in every bite! Hearty, savory, and truly satisfying, Brunch Casserole saves you time and energy putting breakfast together and lets you focus on bringing your loved ones together around the table. There's enough brunch-y deliciousness to go around!

Edibles - Breakfast Cassaroles

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It's no small trifle to fall in love with this Blueberry Trifle! Layers of light whipped cream and bright blueberries sandwiched with layers of buttery, fluffy, tender angel food cake, so every bite of Blueberry Trifle is ethereally light and just the right amount of sweet! It is, however, such a trifle to make the Blueberry Trifle... only 10 minutes and with basically no effort! You can have the most refreshing summertime dessert literally any time!
If it has cheese on it, we're in. So, naturally we had to create a snack that stars our favorite (made-up) food group! These Cheesy Roll-Ups always hit the spot. The warm and toasted tortilla shells are loaded with three kinds of cheese to create the meltiest, ooiest, gooiest bite you've ever tasted. They're extremely easy to make, so they're perfect for times when you need a quick snack break during the day or when you need something for your guests to munch on while they wait for the main cour
One batter. Three distinct layers. All delicious. That's the spell of this Magic Vanilla Cake. By simply preparing the batter and letting it bake, you get a bottom layer of thick cake, a middle layer of creamy custard, and a top layer of light and sweet sponge cake! It's like a top-tier dessert without any effort or stress! Let Magic Vanilla Cake cast an enchantment on you and your tastebuds!

Edibles - Other

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10 of the Most Nutritious Fall Wild Edibles ~www.facebook.com/shtfpreps
Outdoors Tips? Who knew weeds were good for something? | Check out these 10 weeds and their healing properties #SurvivalLife http://SurvivalLife.com
Common Wild Foods of Spring - Foraging Guide and Recipes

„REAL“ Natural Foods

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How, in all the world, are you really supposed to pick just one potato side dish? There are so many amazing, delicious options to choose from! Thankfully, Hot Potato Bake helps solve the problem somewhat by combining baked potatoes with potato salad: you get the nourishing warmth and tenderness of the baked potato, along with some classic toppings like tangy sour cream, melty cheddar, and crispy bacon baked right in, with the creamy, savory-and-sour dressing of potato salad. The result is a hear

Growing All - Beginners

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How to Start a Ladybug Garden - The benefits of having ladybugs in your garden include being able to cut back on pesticides and ridding your vegetable beds of aphids and other insect pests.
Thumb pot. Awesome!
How to control aphids organically...using lemons

Growing All - Boosters

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Plants That Like to Be Next to Each Other in the Garden
Best DIY tomato trellis & cages

Growing All - Prep

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How To Plant Tomatoes The Right Way
How to "deep water" your tomatoes for a killer crop this summer!

Growing All - Tomatoes

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Herb garden village! Very fun and cute idea! Great to help get kids involved with gardening and growing your own fruit, veg and herbs! @Pascale Lemay Lemay Lemay Lemay Lemay Lemay De Groof
How to harvest herbs

Growing All - Herbs

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20 Perennial Vegetables to Plant Once and Enjoy Forever! #gardening #organicgardening #permaculture
How to grow strawberries
growing rhubarb how to grow rhubarb - the season, by plants or seeds, harvesting

Growing All - Veggies +

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Tomato, potato & pepper grow bags!
Stacked container gardens
Not only is bucket gardening a great solution for people with limited space, it has many advantages over traditional gardening. via @urbanalan

Growing All - Containers

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How to save Broccolini Seeds
How to Use Succession Planting to Grow More Food
The 5 Best Crops for Self Sufficient Gardeners

Growing All - Plots & Pros

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