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a small wooden cabin sitting on top of a lake surrounded by trees in the fall
4 Amazing Garden Sheds that will have you wanting a Garden right now
These Garden Sheds and greeneries are delightful so pretty and there are some really unique ones. These have so much charm to them!
an elephant standing in the grass with its trunk up
Good Morning
Baby Elephant, adorable
a blue butterfly sitting on top of a purple flower
Purple butterfly nature insects Bokeh photography
two small brown mice sitting on top of a tall grass plant with their noses to each other
don't call me betty
don't call me betty
two large bugs standing on top of a green branch next to each other with their legs stretched out
Tech News - Sploid | Gizmodo
The best pictures from National Geographic's Photo Contest 2014 - by Hasan Baglar at Nicosia, Cyprus of two mantis,
a hedgehog is hiding in the leaves
don't call me betty
a butterfly sitting on top of a wire
macaon by ivo pandoli / 500px
macaon by ivo pandoli on 500px
a small rodent is peeking out from behind a mossy wall and looking at the camera
Nature UK: Spring in Pictures: Mid-May wildlife
Wood Mouse
two hamsters looking at each other with water droplets hanging from their mouths and noses
don't call me betty
a small mouse sitting on top of a white dandelion with it's head in the air
Tick Tock, Mouse on a Clock
little mouse on a dandelion
a small mouse sitting on top of a tall plant
Eurasian harvest mouse
two hippopotamus standing in water next to each other
Como planificar tu viaje a Africa
a close up of an animal's hands and claws
peaceful eyes
In Mom's hand