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a woman with horns and chains on her head
Marzana | Bg3 durge
Tiefling Necromancer Mod list in bio
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Laressa | Baldur's Gate 3 Tav
a woman with blood on her face holding a ball and two other people in the background
Verena - BG3 OC
mods used:: vemperen's other heads; vessnelle's hair collection; basket full of equipment #bg3 #baldursgate3 #bg3oc
an image of a woman with white hair wearing armor
Game Guide: How to Unlock 100% Achievements in Baldur's Gate 3
two different views of the same armor
Baldur's Gate 3- Paige Spellsinger (Dark Justiciar Half-Plate).
two pictures of a man in armor holding a guitar
Baldur's Gate 3- Paige Spellsinger (Bhaalist Armour).
an image of a woman with red eyes and long blonde hair wearing a blue dress
#minthara #bg3minthara #baldursgate3 #bg3
a woman with long blonde hair holding a baseball bat in her hand and wearing gold jewelry
Dark Urge Warlock | BG3