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True story

Everybody isn't your friend.At the end of the day, real situations expose fake people, so pay attention.

Don’t lose your dignity and self-respect trying to make people love and appreciate you, when they just aren’t capable. thedailyquotes.com

Some people will use you up if you allow it. They very rarely change because they're either too proud, too hateful, or too ignorant to accept responsibility for the way they treat others.

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Isn't it kind of amazing how a person who was once a stranger, can suddenly, without warning, mean the entire world to you? And isn't it scary that once they mean the entire world to you that they can become a stranger again?

Distance sometimes lets you know who's worth keeping and who's worth letting go.

Distance sometimes lets you know who's worth keeping and who's worth letting go. 'and i guess you are in worth letting go'

Positive quotes about strength, and motivational

Don't forget that you're human. It's okay to have a melt down. Just don't unpack and live there. Cry out and then refocus on where you are headed

14 more of my FAVORITE THINGS I’ve come across on Facebook today! This is the morning batch of all the best memes that'll make you laugh and smile (for sure).

these mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb. ~Najwa Zebian~ living without love hurts. carrying regret and heartbreak for those events only worsens the pain.

I want him

I'm so glad my heart aches for no one anymore! 🌴👙 I'm going to the giving beach to see about s guy and his dog! Have you seen that cute guy with the dog on the beach? 😂😂😂 just joking. Fuck that I'm doing me now.

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Rest is extremely important in chasing our goals. However, don't let it be the brake, but a motivational boost instead!

Beau Taplin~

Of both the people I have loved. True love never goes away completely. You will still always care. And a piece of your heart is forever dedicated to someone you truly loved. Beau Taplin the corner