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Nature's 11 most powerful Natural Antibiotics.

helpful fitness infographic

Guide to Fitness, men's health, bulk up, eat better, workout

The fats are your own steroids is a very misunderstood chemical pathway to gains, as you are not taking steroids, your body makes the real steroid, testosterone

Muscle Building Diet Tips - Muscle and Brawn

Want a flatter tummy? Go for these 8 Hardcore Abs Exercises to tone your abs & burn belly fat. Re-pin, now, check later. #abschallenge #absworkout

Total ab work out - really difficult or I'm super out of shape. Good for when I travel

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Discover this excellent Bodyweight Workout Challenge Infographic. Build strength, cardio, mobility and core all in one motivational workout!

stretching exercises | Safety Stretching Exercise Posters http://www.meandmybody.com/exercise ...

Stretching for flexibility.Kickboxing takes flexibility. you might have to stretch some.

Karate Stretching Exercises | MARTIAL ARTS STRETCHES: FORWARD STRETCH: (be sure to consciously ...

“The Art of Shen Ku” …. The Martial Artist (How to Execute Classic Martial Arts Stretches)

We need this chair..!!!!!

Tantra Chair Positions www.